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The Best Sale Of The Year

Posted on December 31, 2011 by admin

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This time of year there are lots and lots of sales. This is about a sale that will pay you dividends for years to come.

The first step is to decide what you want. I suggest at least one from each of these categories: finance/professional, health and relationships.

A finance/professional goal would be to bring in at least $300 more per month. This can be accomplished in many ways such as starting a home based business, learning a new skill which will get you a pay increase or promotion or even cutting out $300 worth of expenses.

A health goal may be to lose 10 pounds, give up smoking or cut down drinking. Giving up bad habits can also improve your money situation as well. Losing 10 pounds in a year can be as easy as walking 30 minutes a day consistently, giving up or cutting back on high glycemic foods or drinking a glass of water before meals to make you feel full faster.

A relationship goal could be to have dinner with my family at least 4 times a week or to leave work at work. Often people get the saying backwards – you should actually spend quality time at work so you can spend quantity time with your kids.

Once you have down what you want, you will have to sell it to yourself until you buy it. That is, do it consciously until it becomes the habit or the norm. Until you buy into the goal, it will be easy not to do.

When you accomplish your goals or even before, you will also gain many other benefits. These things include increased self esteem, self empowerment, a sense of well being and the belief that you can accomplish even greater goals.

The best sale of the year will be the sale to yourself that your life can be better.


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