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What are you looking at?

Posted on October 26, 2011 by admin

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In these times of challenges, what you are looking can make a big difference in your outcome. If you go to a driving school for race car drivers, they have rigged cars that can raise a wheel to put you into a slide during a turn. If you look at the wall while you are in that slide, you will almost guarantee you will hit the wall. If you turn your head and look where you want to be, chances are good that you will miss the wall and go where you want.

If you have financial challenges, are you looking at the potential problems (the wall) or solutions (where you want to go)? Most people will look at the problems and when those problems materialize, they wonder what happened.

Some will call it Law of Attraction. Some will say it is your Reticular Activating System (RAS) filtering things. Others will point out that the problems are the result of the past, which cannot be changed, while the solutions are the future which can be changed by your present actions.

Years ago, when I was laid off, I was at an age where getting another job in my line of work was a challenge in the best of times. I had a choice. I could either lament the recent problems, wonder how I was going to put food in our mouths, keep a roof over our heads, etc. or I could choose to figure out where I wanted to go from there.

I chose to take my own future under my control and make money from home. Have things been wonderful since? Not always. There have been bumps and skids but, I always kept looking where I wanted to go and it has made all the difference.

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