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Are You Drifting?

Posted on August 28, 2011 by admin

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Most people in this world are drifting. They are going tubing on the river of life, seeing where it carries them. They didn’t really choose their job, it was what they could find. They didn’t really choose their car, it was what was available that they could afford. They didn’t really choose where they live, it was what was available. Their idea of control in their life is a DVR.

Having a definiteness of purpose is one of the major ingredients for your success. Napoleon Hill wrote about it in Think and Grow Rich. Having a definiteness of purpose is like a ship having a destination before it leaves port. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and control that once you taste it, you want more and more.

Have you ever sat down and figured out what you would really like to do? Or where you would really like to live? Or what car you would really like to drive?

Once you figure out the destination, you can map out how to get there. You can also plan for how much it will cost in time, effort and money. There is always a price to pay but there’s also a price to pay for drifting.

The drifting days of summer are coming to an end. Take control of at least some part of you life and work towards you goal with definiteness of purpose.


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