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Takin’ Out The Trash

Posted on January 31, 2011 by admin

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One of the major reasons people don’t have what they consciously desire is because of the head trash that they have that prevents them from getting it. The simplest way to know if you have head trash is to see if you have all that you desire. If you have been wanting to increase your income for a long time and the increase hasn’t come, you have head trash. If you have been intending to lose weight and you haven’t, you have head trash.

There are several emotional technologies that can help you remove it. You can google two of them, Afformations (not affirmations) and EFT.

In Thailand, there is a golden Buddha. Years ago, it was a clay Buddha that was in the right of way for a road. As they were moving it, they found it was way heavier than it should’ve been and the process cracked the clay. A light was shown into the crack and something bright reflected back. They chiseled off the clay to reveal a solid gold Buddha. The speculation was that the clay was applied several hundreds of years earlier to hide the gold from invaders and the applying monks were then massacred, taking the secret with them. Getting rid of the head trash is like chiseling off the clay to find the solid gold within yourself.

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