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I am a successful entrepreneur that gets to work from home. I am enjoying my sons as they are growing up.

The Best Sale Of The Year

Posted on December 31, 2011 by admin

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This time of year there are lots and lots of sales. This is about a sale that will pay you dividends for years to come.

The first step is to decide what you want. I suggest at least one from each of these categories: finance/professional, health and relationships.

A finance/professional goal would be to bring in at least $300 more per month. This can be accomplished in many ways such as starting a home based business, learning a new skill which will get you a pay increase or promotion or even cutting out $300 worth of expenses.

A health goal may be to lose 10 pounds, give up smoking or cut down drinking. Giving up bad habits can also improve your money situation as well. Losing 10 pounds in a year can be as easy as walking 30 minutes a day consistently, giving up or cutting back on high glycemic foods or drinking a glass of water before meals to make you feel full faster.

A relationship goal could be to have dinner with my family at least 4 times a week or to leave work at work. Often people get the saying backwards – you should actually spend quality time at work so you can spend quantity time with your kids.

Once you have down what you want, you will have to sell it to yourself until you buy it. That is, do it consciously until it becomes the habit or the norm. Until you buy into the goal, it will be easy not to do.

When you accomplish your goals or even before, you will also gain many other benefits. These things include increased self esteem, self empowerment, a sense of well being and the belief that you can accomplish even greater goals.

The best sale of the year will be the sale to yourself that your life can be better.


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Planning – It’s not just for vacations

Posted on November 29, 2011 by admin

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Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do their life. A vacation is about what you want to see, what you want to do and what you want to get out it. What do you want to see, to do and get out of the other 50 weeks of the year?

Most people accept what comes their way. They work in the job that was available in a field that was available and keep doing it as long as it’s available.

What if you applied your vacation attitude to your life? In five years, where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing? Who do you want to be doing it with? Take some time, sit down and do this without restricting yourself with “realistic” goals. There’s a saying that goes that people usually overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five years.

Once you have a destination in mind, next comes the logistics – how do you get there from here? Do you need more money? Do you need to change your profession?

If you want to have a better year next year, start the planning now.


What are you looking at?

Posted on October 26, 2011 by admin

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In these times of challenges, what you are looking can make a big difference in your outcome. If you go to a driving school for race car drivers, they have rigged cars that can raise a wheel to put you into a slide during a turn. If you look at the wall while you are in that slide, you will almost guarantee you will hit the wall. If you turn your head and look where you want to be, chances are good that you will miss the wall and go where you want.

If you have financial challenges, are you looking at the potential problems (the wall) or solutions (where you want to go)? Most people will look at the problems and when those problems materialize, they wonder what happened.

Some will call it Law of Attraction. Some will say it is your Reticular Activating System (RAS) filtering things. Others will point out that the problems are the result of the past, which cannot be changed, while the solutions are the future which can be changed by your present actions.

Years ago, when I was laid off, I was at an age where getting another job in my line of work was a challenge in the best of times. I had a choice. I could either lament the recent problems, wonder how I was going to put food in our mouths, keep a roof over our heads, etc. or I could choose to figure out where I wanted to go from there.

I chose to take my own future under my control and make money from home. Have things been wonderful since? Not always. There have been bumps and skids but, I always kept looking where I wanted to go and it has made all the difference.

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Change of Season, Change of Thinking

Posted on September 30, 2011 by admin

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Fall has finally arrived. As someone living in near Dallas, it was a very welcome change. This summer we broke our record of the number of triple digit temperature days in a year. We even had a last gasp of summer on the 29th of September with 102.

With the change in seasons comes a change in thinking. Instead of trying to avoid the heat, people around here are looking forward to the State Fair, crisp mornings and Halloween with Thanksgiving around the corner.

This could be a season to change how you think about your life. Many people look towards others for the major requirements in their life. A job, either having one or looking for one, to pay for the things you want gives your power to other people. This is especially acute when you are looking for a job in these times. Like Blanche DuBois, you are dependent on the kindness of strangers.

This dependency shrinks your dreams. You shrink them to fit your income. You take a “staycation” instead of a memory making vacation with loved ones.  You drive a car that fit your budget, not your fancy. Your living accommodations are “cozy” instead of breath taking. All the while, you rationalize to yourself that it will get better “someday”.

I challenge you to change your thinking. Expanding your income to fit your dreams is not only possible but so much more rewarding. You can be your own boss. You can have a carpet commute. You take back your power and control. If you want a raise, you can give it to yourself.

Look at starting a profitable home based business. You can do so for relatively little. Even in down times, people can be successful in business. In fact, down times often force people to come up with ways to be successful because of the lack of alternatives.

Some of the things it has brought me are the two most important things to people at the end of their lives – memories and relationships. Many parents feel they are sending a stranger off to college because they don’t know who their child has become. I have been involved with my sons’ lives especially during their critical teen years. Before that, I was working much too long hours. My youngest still remembers when I would come home when they were finishing dinner.

I have chaperoned a choir trip to Walt Disney World. I have chaperoned band trips. I am often the only dad that’s chaperoning. I have been there dropping them off at school and more importantly, picking them up afterwards. I have confidence in my son’s driving because I had the time to teach him and log the required 20 hours before he got his license.

I have built relationships with my sons and provided foundations for having great relationships with them as they mature into adulthood because I had control of my time and my life. That’s often called time freedom and lifestyle freedom.

I am urging you with the change of seasons to change your thinking. Interrupt the “get a good job” mantra and take control of you life.

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Are You Drifting?

Posted on August 28, 2011 by admin

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Most people in this world are drifting. They are going tubing on the river of life, seeing where it carries them. They didn’t really choose their job, it was what they could find. They didn’t really choose their car, it was what was available that they could afford. They didn’t really choose where they live, it was what was available. Their idea of control in their life is a DVR.

Having a definiteness of purpose is one of the major ingredients for your success. Napoleon Hill wrote about it in Think and Grow Rich. Having a definiteness of purpose is like a ship having a destination before it leaves port. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and control that once you taste it, you want more and more.

Have you ever sat down and figured out what you would really like to do? Or where you would really like to live? Or what car you would really like to drive?

Once you figure out the destination, you can map out how to get there. You can also plan for how much it will cost in time, effort and money. There is always a price to pay but there’s also a price to pay for drifting.

The drifting days of summer are coming to an end. Take control of at least some part of you life and work towards you goal with definiteness of purpose.


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