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I am a successful entrepreneur that gets to work from home. I am enjoying my sons as they are growing up.

Our Summer Vacation

Posted on March 24, 2013 by admin

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I’ve been away for a while. It started with an extended vacation and then I got involved with a long term project.

While many people had a staycation last summer, we went on a full two week vacation to North Carolina and Virginia. My dad lives in North Carolina in the mountains. It was nice, cool weather in in early July when we celebrated Independence Day. We picked him up and went to see historical sites. We drove up the scenic Shenandoah Valley to northern Virginia. We saw the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at the National Archives in DC. We saw the Civil War battlefields of Manassas and Gettysburg. We visited Colonial Williamsburg. We dipped our toes in the Atlantic in Virginia Beach.

Some of those sites I had seen growing up but my sons, being born and raised in Texas, had not. Now, we have memories for the rest of our lives. We developed stronger relationships as an extended family. My sons got to know my father much better and he got to know my sons better.

People nearing the end of their lives say there are two main things that are important – relationships and memories. We were able to create both because we had lifestyle choice.

I would like to leave this post with a question, what’s your summer going to be like? Will you be building relationships and memories?

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