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Fire Your Boss Before He Fires You!

Posted on March 25, 2012 by admin

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This time of year, back in 2003, I learned first hand about employer loyalty, job security and doing a good job. I was in a “dot com” company managing the technical assets, people, hardware and software, we used to build marketing websites for external clients. Our division was profitable. I was the only person who knew how to do all the jobs and work with all the technologies. In fact, I was the only person who knew how to work with about half the technologies we used.

When I arrived at that company, the division I was in was using extremely outdated technology and all the tech people had either left for other jobs or transferred to other departments. I was the only person doing the work of the four previous workers. I put in the long hours to solve the immediate issues, hired some workers and started updating the way we did things. I pulled their fat out of the fire and made it work well.

My sons remember it as the time when daddy would come home when they were eating dessert. I was putting in the hours to make sure our deadlines were met and our customers were happy. In fact, my manager received many compliments about me from our customers for my about ability to get crazy requests done quickly.

I thought I was secure.

My wife had stayed home with our second son, so I was the only breadwinner for our family. I was receiving a decent income that mostly covered our expenses. Major stuff that came up, air conditioning repairs, car repairs, etc. went on the credit cards.

The first warning sign came in June, 2002 during the normal performance appraisal and raise cycle. My performance appraisal was great, no problems there. Then I was told that I was making too much already to get a raise of any type. So much for work hard, do a good job and they will take care of you!

One day in March, 2003, I received a call from my manager and 20 minutes later, I was carting boxes of my personal stuff (I had a lot of technical books) out the door. I was laid off!

I learned firsthand about the lack of employer loyalty and job security. Anyone who has experienced getting the rug pulled out from under like this can tell you about the feelings of betrayal, helplessness and bitterness that come though not right away. Usually, you are too stunned to think.

This event made it very clear to me that if you want security, seek freedom. Build your own business and make sure it gives you lifestyle freedom. That’s the time and the money to do what you want. Build it while you have an income on a part time basis so you aren’t under the gun to get it done.

You want your business to continue providing money even if you aren’t there for a period of time. You can build an online auction business but if you go on a two week vacation, you either have to stop your auctions or hire someone to fulfill them. That’s not time freedom.

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