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I am a successful entrepreneur that gets to work from home. I am enjoying my sons as they are growing up.

At first glance, most people will think that they have a paycheck waiting for them, until they realize that it’s really a scheduled paycheck if they do the work! Every pay period, they start over from scratch.

I know a guy named Mark who was a very successful owner of a real estate brokerage in a hot market. Mark did all the right things with his brokerage and pulled in six and seven figures in profit each year, but he had the same problem as a fast food worker. Every January 1st, the start of his new pay period, he started from zero, just like a fast food worker starts each week.

Mark realized that no matter how well he did in the past, if he didn’t get back on the hamster wheel, his income would stop. Not only that, he felt like he was running up a down escalator with more competitors, a higher bar set from the previous year, etc. It just became harder and harder to even obtain the previous level.

What Mark, the fast food worker and almost everyone else who works earned was linear income. You trade one unit of work for one unit of pay.

What did Mark do? He found out about earning residual income with a home based network marketing business. He replaced his former income and sold his brokerage. Now, every week, the benefits of his previous efforts are there providing him with residual income. His paycheck is already there before he wakes up on Monday morning. It’s up to him how much he wants to increase it which he does by helping other people become successful as well.

The reason I know Mark is because we work with the same network marketing company. If moving from the down escalator to the up escalator sound appealing to you, go to, and get a free cd from Richard Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad, Poor Dad guy, to get more information.

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